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Be true to you. Simple is beautiful.

Nomadic Goat is a minimal + eco conscious studio. We specialize in intentional haircutting suited to each individual. At Nomadic Goat we want our clients to feel comfortable in their own skin. Through exploration + empathy we work to elevate our clients. We believe beauty is a feeling + we want to pass that feeling on to everyone we meet. 

The love and respect we have for our planet is reflected in our cruelty-free + earth friendly products, + minimal waste. Weekly we compost the hair that we cut through a local company, Garbage to Garden, with the hopes of one day helping our planet thrive again.  

Our studio is open to all. Homophobia, Transphobia, Racism, Sexism, Ableism + Ageism will not be tolerated.

Brian and Sheena are multiple award-winning artists in the beauty industry. Combined they have over three decades of experience taming manes, pruning eyebrows, and making people smile.



haircut [existing clients]


For clients with an existing relationship with Brian. One Hour Session.

haircut [new clients]


As a new client, your session includes an in-depth consultation to discuss suitability, wear-ability, and your lifestyle. We’ll come up with a haircut that is unique to you—and easy to maintain. One Hour + Fifteen Minute Session.

bang trim


Maintenance of existing bangs. Fifteen Minute Session.


kids cuts


For children under the age of 12; Roughly A Thirty Minute Session.

Meet The Goats

Sheena Ernest



There is so much power + beauty within our individuality. I want everyone who leaves my chair to feel confident + empowered.

I have been a natural brow artist for over a decade. I shape eyebrows using only tweezers. I believe this is the most precise and gentlest way to transform eyebrows. Tweezing allows me to create a natural + bold brow suited to each individual with minimal upkeep. With tweezing, there is no damage done to the delicate skin around the eyes.  Whether you have over-tweezed, under-tweezed, or are new to tweezing altogether, we can come up with a brow shape suited to your lifestyle, as well as your personal style.

Brian Rand



Master Hairstylist

I have always felt the most joy when I am doing something creative. Being in the hair industry for two decades has allowed me to channel my creative drive and develop my own unique and intuitive style of cutting and styling. My past experience as a salon owner in Boston has allowed me to cultivate an environment where clients feel like they aren’t just a number in my chair, but instead know they are in a safe place where they are truly being heard, and the foundation of a real relationship is being built.

Wake, shake, and go! hair is what I strive to give each of my clients. I love to encourage each person who sits in my chair to embrace the natural texture of their hair.

Come get happy with us.

237 Commercial St.
Portland, Maine 04101

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Portland: Sunday + Monday 8am-7pm
Camden: Wednesday